Chuck James (left) and Stan Colburn (center) from Tennessee Bluebird Society and Nick Mann from Seven Islands install a new bluebird house.


New Bluebird Houses

Fifty new Bluebird houses are being placed in the park during June in a collaborative effort between the Tennessee Bluebird Society, the friends group and the park.  Half of the boxes were built by the Tellico Village Woodworkers Club. The boxes will be monitored on a weekly basis over the summer by volunteers and the data sent to the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.


Bird Feeder Installation
Liz Cutrone (left) and Tiffiny Hamlin from Wild Birds Unlimited

New Bird Feeders

The friends group and park teamed up with Knoxville’s Wild Birds Unlimited to install some new bird feeders at the the Green House (unoccupied house) in July.  Now folks can sit in the rocking chairs on the front porch and relax while viewing some of our feathered friends up close.  Two young Ruby-throated Hummingbirds were fighting over the feeders within a couple of hours after the installation.  Thanks to Wild Birds Unlimited for donating the bird feeders.