About Us

The Friends of Seven Islands State Birding Park is a 501c3 corporation that was formed in May of 2015 to support the Seven Islands State Birding Park.  Our mission is to support Seven Islands State Birding Park in its vision to be a world class birding destination and to protect, preserve and promote its natural resources and to promote the general education of the public.   Our membership will provide funding for park projects as well as be a source of volunteers to assist the park in various ways.

A common question is asked “What is a State Birding Park?”.  The answer lies it what makes a great birding destination.  Yes, birds are very important at Seven Islands. Over 180 species have been identified since the land became a wildlife refuge in 2002.  In the summer there are hundreds of breeding pairs of birds that use the park to raise their young.  Northern Bobwhite, Wild Turkeys, Indigo Buntings, Yellow-breasted Chats, Common Yellowthroat and many other species reside in the native grasslands. Geese, ducks, swallows and herons are common residents along the river. It really is a birder’s paradise.

But to be considered a great birding destination there must be a lot more than birds.  At Seven Islands you can hike, photograph, observe many types of wildlife, canoe, kayak, fish and much more.  There are observation points at which you have great views of the Great Smoky Mountains and you can stroll along the beautiful French Broad River where you might spot River Otters, Raccoon or a Bald Eagle flying overhead. White-tailed Deer are abundant.

Come enjoy Tennessee’s 56th State Park and please consider joining us to make Seven Islands State Birding Park a world class birding destination.